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Join Captain Spaceship and his crew of intergalactic riff-raff as they travel through time and space exploring the cosmos, discovering new unchartered worlds and narrowly avoid copyright infringement.

Inspired by 1950’s Sci-fi serials, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, Red Dwarf and 90210; The Captain and his crew will make up their ongoing epic adventures live onstage aided by the audience’s suggestions. They could end up anywhere and anyWHEN and will have only their sharp improv skills, some cheap costumes and maybe some lasers to defend themselves.

So go where no man (or woman, or alien) has gone before as some of Montreal’s best improvisers (including members of The Big HOO-HAA, Uncalled For and Montreal Improv) plus an interstellar cast of talented guest stars brave the vacuum of space to protect mankind from the unknown…

Set phasers to FUN! *Cough*

Regular : 12.00$
People in Sci-Fi Costumes : 10.00$

Tickets available at the door ONLY.


  • Friday 1 March 2013 / 20:00

69 minutes
Pas de retardataires / No latecomers

Coming Soon

"After a wildly successful tour across the Canadian Fringe circuit, SOLOS co-directors Sophie Croteau & Al Lafrance are gearing up for the 2nd edition of the festival, which will take place November 4th-8th at MainLine Theatre, and will feature 7 amazing performances. TO celebrate their return to the city, and to raise some funds for SOLOS 2.0, they're putting on a show. Which show? Al Lafrance's The Quitter.

Un spectacle multi-médias solo présenté en français, mettant en vedette Steve Turmel. Monologue, sur le sexe. Mais pas seulement le sexe comme dans qui en a et avec qui. Le sexe comme dans: qu'est-ce que le sexe? Que signifie-t-il? Pourquoi en avons-nous? Sexe comme dans désir. Sexe comme amour. Sexe comme pouvoir. Sexe comme estime de soi. Sexe comme auto-destruction. Sexe comme statut. Sexe comme échec. Composition et style, personnage et thème bien developpés, créant ensemble une voix puissante et un message dramatique.

June 1-21, 2015
Application info for our insane 25th Anniversary Edition will be available shortly! June 1-21, 2015. Go to for the application forms. Deadline to apply: November 14th by 6PM.

1 au 21 juin, 2015
Attention les amis ! Le formulaire d'inscription pour notre 25e édition du festival sera disponible sous peu !