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18 February 2016–
21 February 2016

MainLine Gala for Student Drama APPLICATION - Gala MainLine du théâtre étudiant SOUMISSION

MainLine Theatre & 32-Hour Theatre Company

MainLine Theatre et 32-Hour Theatre Company joignent leurs forces pour présenter le sixième Gala MainLine du théâtre étudiant. MainLine Theatre and 32-Hour Theatre Company have joined forces to present the sixth annual MainLine Gala for Student Drama.

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7 August 2015–
13 November 2015

FRINGE A-Z 2016: Appel de projets / Call for Applications !!!

MainLine Theatre

Appel de projets, FRINGE 2016 (English will follow)

LES INSCRIPTIONS « LÈVE-TôT » : 12 h, le 7 août 2015. Les 8 premières inscriptions (soumises en ligne seulement) dans les deux quotas québécois, ainsi que les premières 5 inscriptions aux quotas canadienne et internationale (soumises en ligne seulement) seront acceptés automatiquement au festival. Les frais d'administration et d'inscription seront à payer immédiatement.

Date limite d'inscription : vendredi, le 13 novembre à 18 h
Tirage : dimanche, le 14 novembre à 19 h
Performances du 9 au 19 juin, 2016

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17 September 2015–
10 October 2015

Bouge d'ici - Call for projects / Appels de projets

Bouge d'ici

L'Espace Commun / Common Space est un événement regroupant des œuvres chorégraphiques ré-imaginées mises en scène par des artistes émergents et présenté par Bouge d'ici.

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31 October 2015

Party d'Haloween/ Halloween Party

Théâtre MainLine

Le Théâtre MainLine est prêt pour faire la fête pour l'Halloween. Ne manquez pas cette soirée épique. Plus détails à venir

MainLine Théâtre is ready to party for Halloween. Don't miss this epic evening!!! More Details to come!

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9 October 2015–
10 October 2015

Hinds X Wintour

Tranna Wintour + Ryan G. Hinds

Two performers. Two shows. One venue. Ryan G. Hinds and Tranna Wintour join forces, bringing together their respective cabaret shows as a double-bill, back-to-back extravaganza at Mainline!

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15 October 2015–
18 October 2015

Things Drugs Taught Me

Yarn Productions

Nisha Coleman (author of Busker) and Jeff Gandell (creator of The Balding, Yarn) have had wildly contrasting drug experiences. In this two-part storytelling adventure they share their respective drug wisdom. As best they can remember.

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17 October 2015

Dr. Sketchy presents #99 Sway

Dr. Sketchy Montreal

Session #99 - Sway: Dr. Sketchy Montreal invites you to its next figure drawing workshop: Sway. During the Montreal Burlesque Festival, we will have the huge pleasure of drawing supermodel Raquel Reed!

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21 October 2015–
24 October 2015

Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show

MainLine Theatre

See the sensational play that sparked an international phenomenon. Worlds collide in Richard O'Brien's musical-theatre masterpiece as camp sci-fi meets sexual exploration, glam-rock, and sensual daydreams to treasure forever.

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22 October 2015–
24 October 2015

Erect but Unstable

Hard Times

A comedic and poetic cabaret of theatrical monologues and spoken word examining gay love and relationships, sexual awakening and obsession. Accompany John on his journey through Montreal’s sinuous staircases and Village Gai, with side trips to Science, Religion and Psychiatry, in search of some answers about sex and attraction.

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23 October 2015–
25 October 2015

Film & TV Audition Master Class with Peter Skagen (Award-Winning Author, Coach & Actor)

Peter Skagen

Peter Skagen, renowned actor, coach and author of the award-winning book How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Acting- The Actor's Guide for the 21st Century, is now teaching his revolutionary techniques world-wide.

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11 November 2015–
15 November 2015

An Iliad

Chocolate Moose Theatre Company

A weary poet fights his demons by re-telling Homer’s epic of the Trojan War. Chocolate Moose and Toronto company Moose and Moa present the Canadian premiere of this epic one-man show! Un poète las se bat contre lui-même en racontant L’Iliade d'Homère. Chocolate Moose présente la première Canadienne avec la compagnie Moose and Moa de Toronto.

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13 November 2015–
21 November 2015


Akpik Theatre

TUMIT, meaning "tracks" in Inuktitut, is a northern Indigenous play exploring cycles that can pass down from generation to generation. Sarah discovers she is pregnant after kicking her husband, David, out of their apartment. TUMIT, voulant dire « pistes » en inuktitut, est une pièce autochtone nordique qui explore les cycles de passation entre les générations. Sarah découvre qu’elle est enceinte après avoir mis son mari David à la porte de leur appartement.

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