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13 November 2014–
23 November 2014

We Walk Among You

Artichoke Heart Collective & Beyond the Mountain

This dark tale follows a doctor who will stop at nothing to revive his son. He is performing questionable experiments in an abandoned hospital where the only real "patient" is his wife. Unable to deal with the death of her son and, being a threat to herself and others, the doctor keeps her locked in a cell.

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3 December 2014–
14 December 2014

After the End

Lifelong Productions

A woman discovers she has been rescued from Armageddon by a paranoid ex-colleague with a nuclear bunker in his garden.

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8 January 2015–
18 January 2015

Festival Bouge d'ici Dance Festival

Bouge d'ici

The Bouge d'ici festival celebrates Montréal based dance in January 2015. Various events are taking place throughout the week, including a run of the Common Space/L'Espace Commun showcase, the famous Cabaret Bouge d'ici, Cinédanse Bouge d'ici and dance-related workshops.

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17 October 2014–
19 October 2014

SQUAT en coprésentation avec le festival Phénomena

Atypique - Le Collectif & Dans son salon

SQUAT, c’est la rencontre farfelue et improbable des univers chorégraphiques d’Atypique - Le Collectif et de Dans son salon, le temps d’une soirée complètement déjantée.

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1 June 2015–
21 August 2015

Festival St-Ambroise FRINGE de Montréal

MainLine Theatre

June 1-21, 2015
Application info for our insane 25th Anniversary Edition will be available shortly! June 1-21, 2015. Stay Tuned...

1 au 21 juin, 2015
Attention les amis ! Le formulaire d'inscription pour notre 25e édition du festival sera disponible sous peu !

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3 September 2014

5à7: MainLine Theatre Season Launch / Lancement de saison 2014-15

MainLine Theatre

Best. Lineup. Ever. Come launch it with us.


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6 September 2014

Fan Girl avec/with Lulu les Belles Mirettes

Dr. Sketchy Montreal

Dr. Sketchy Montreal invites you to its next event: Fan Girl. In anticipation of the Montreal ComicCon, come draw the amazing Lulu les Belles Mirettes during this geeky session! What is the theme? Just like in a book where you are the hero, it is up to you to decide! During the week of August 18, you will have the chance to vote for one of the following three themes: Mortal Kombat, The Avengers or Captain Harlock. The session, under the winning theme, will take place on Saturday, September 6, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM at the MainLine Theatre, 3997 St-Laurent Blvd.

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5 September 2014


Chat Perdu Productions

The game is played a lot like strip poker, but it's a spelling bee, and it's played in front of a live audience of hooters, hollerers and hecklers who want to see some smart and sexy skin! WARNING: There may be nudity in this show.

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3 September 2014

September Armando!

Messy Lava

Come celebrate the the first post-summer Improv Armando! The Armando is a format created by renowned improvised comedy performer/guru Armando Diaz. We take true stories told by our monologists and use them to inspire hilarious spontaneous comedy. With Tales from Pat Dussault and Rachel Dustin!

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11 September 2014–
21 September 2014

The Clawfoot and Hot Tub Interviews

Leah Sherman Productions

Something strange is happening in the calm suburb of Pleasant Acres. Olivia, a bit of a recluse, is trying to sell her clawfoot bathtub, but only men are making offers -- and not for buying the bathtub.

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11 September 2014–
14 September 2014

Burn This

Safe Surprise Theatre and d² Productions Montréal

‘’Burn This’’, Lanford Wilson’s opaque love story, is a deep seriocomic depiction of grief and loss, paralyzing self-doubt, and the recuperative power of love. Set in a warehouse-turned-loft this play introduces us to four young people, who are struggling to regain control over their lives and make sense of love and loss.

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18 September 2014–
28 September 2014

Bard Fiction

Beyond the Mountain

Beyond the Mountain brings this Shakespearean retelling of Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic Pulp Fiction to the Mainline Theatre. With LIVE music and sound effects Bard Fiction brings you a truly unique and fun theatrical experience.

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