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9 May 2015

Montreal Playback Theatre: Mothers and Others

Montreal Playback Theatre

Mothers and Others: Stories of mothering and being mothered by moms or others.

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6 May 2015–
17 May 2015

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Lifelong Productions

Two strangers meet at the end of their ropes. Haunted by the past and trapped in the violence of the present, they begin the ruthless act of revealing themselves.

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14 May 2015–
16 May 2015

Get Around Me

The Theatre Elusive

“Get Around Me!” is a heartfelt and hilarious personal account of one woman’s journey into athleticism; and the startling truths she uncovers there. A powerful story of strength and heartbreak, this is one football player who won't take her sexual assault lying down.

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19 May 2015–
20 May 2015

Who's Afraid of Margaret Atwood

Troisième Espace Théâtre

Who’s Afraid of Margaret Atwood? was born of the ideals of our company, a comedic cry from the dark of four Montreal arts students who tremor and tingle in the face of working outside the tiled hallways of a post-secondary institution.

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22 May 2015–
23 May 2015

Les 12 tonalités d'un artiste névrosé

Théâtre sans nombre

12 hormones, 12 personnages, 12 tableaux. Appelons cela une thérapie par l'écriture tien. L'auteur, pour se purger (ou se déculpabiliser peut-être), explique (ou excuse) chaque petit travers de sa personne par les hormones du corps humain.

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1 June 2015–
21 June 2015

Festival St-Ambroise FRINGE de Montréal

MainLine Theatre

June 1-21, 2015

Le gros party d'été de théâtre, danse, humour et plus!
Montréal's summer art party of theatre, dance, comedy, music + more! www.montrealfringe.ca

1 au 21 juin, 2015

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