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24 August 2016–
28 August 2016

Binge on the Bard (Play Readings)

Base, Common, Popular

A series of staged readings of some of the Bard's greatest plays starring up and comers and veterans of Montreal's independent theatre scene.

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31 August 2016–
21 September 2016

The Sharin' Is Carin' Sketch Collective (In Four Parts)

Ladies & Gentlemen Productions

Sketch comedy is blooming in Montreal, so members of award-winning troupes Hot Raw Fire, Marv, Ladies & Gentlemen and more have gotten together for a four-week residency at the Mini Main to help things bloom. new shows hosted and curated by different artists each week. come be a part of something special and help build this garden from the ground up.

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10 September 2016

Dr. Scketchy - Why Don’t You Do Right

Dr. Sketchy Montréal

Dr. Sketchy Montréal est de retour et vous invite à sa prochaine séance de modèle vivant : « Why Don’t You Do Right ». Nous aurons le plaisir de dessiner la magnifique Coeur de Lyon qui posera pour nous en Jessica Rabbit! « Je ne suis pas mauvaise, je suis juste dessinée comme ça. »

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10 September 2016

Confabulation presents: Accomplices


This past year was full of new opportunities, but more importantly new friends. And this year promises to be even better! To kick it all off, we’ll be celebrating our new pals with September’s show: Accomplices. Send us your stories of friendship, partnership and support, and join us on Saturday, September 10th at MainLine Theatre – the home of some of our nearest and dearest.

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10 September 2016

Life Lessons: A Live Comedy Talk Show - Envy Edition

Life Lessons

Fresh off of their sold out OFF-JFL show, the Life Lessons team is back! Drown your sorrows with hosts Keith Waterfield and Leighland Beckman as they and their guests try to find the funny in their sad, depressing & possibly embarrassing tales of Envy.

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22 September 2016–
24 September 2016

Le Merveilleux and Marvelous World de Bonhomme Caramel

Jolly Boy Theatre Co. & MainLine Theatre

Allo les enfants! Êtes-vous prêt? Welcome to le Merveilleux and Marvelous World de Bonhomme Caramel!

Join folk hero, Bonhomme Caramel for a magical and imaginative adventure as we learn about 16'th century Quebec and all of it's wonders!

Jump on to the bateau des rêves for an educational voyage in this children's televisions series! Be warned that sailing isn't always smooth when things take an unexpected turn as Bohomme Caramel's world is turned upside down as he is confronted by his greatest obstacle - change.

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30 September 2016–
2 October 2016

MTL Clown Festival: Les Bunheads

Les Bunheads

Montreal’s hottest performers gather in this fall’s wildest cabaret night! Stomp and clap music, tear-inducing comedy, and wild-fruity burlesque are your ticket to thrilling variety entertainment. Seamlessly intertwined physical comedy shananigans will take you on a rollercoaster ride of chaos, competition, and pizzazz! These beat-boxing bump and biting acts will not disappoint.Les Bunheads (Vanessa Kneale and Janie Pinard) are the ultimate comedy duo, which tell the three-part tale of the meeting, clash, and timeless rivalry of two world class hardcore females. Their Friends are MC Marvellous Marvin, Caravonica, and Bibi Lolo Bang Bang (Marc Rowland, Jan Dutler, and Héloïse Binette) improv, music, and burlesque extraordinaires who seamlessly sandwich this show into a delectable cabaret whopie pie.

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29 September 2016–
2 October 2016


Montreal Clown Festival

There are only 25 all-access passes available to the Montreal Clown Festival. Get them here! For only $45, you get to see every show at the festival!

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6 October 2016–
16 October 2016

Jerome of Sandy Cove

Persephone Productions

A young man is found near dead on a beach in 1863 Nova Scotia, missing both legs at the knee and unable to speak. For the rest of his life, Jerome is cared for by several families as his fame grows and wanes. From all over, people try to guess where the mystery man is from, but to this day he remains a true Canadian mystery. With original songs by Sarah Segal-Lazar, the play explores not only his life in NS, but several possible origins to the man known as Jerome.

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15 October 2016

Purple Magic

Mike Deslauriers

For centuries purple has symbolized magic and mystery as it is the rarest colour found in nature. Today, purple is more closely associated with happiness, laughter and a singing dinosaur.

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20 October 2016–
31 October 2016

Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show - Live Montreal Musical

MainLine Theatre

See the sensational play that sparked an international phenomenon. MainLine Theatre presents Richard O'Brien's musical-theatre masterpiece as camp sic-fi meets sexual exploration, glam-rock, and sensual daydreams to treasure forever. Experience #RockyMainLine up-close-and-personal in an intimate experience with a full live cast, band and dancers!!!

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2 November 2016–
13 November 2016

An Iliad

Chocolate Moose Theatre Company

Haunted by trauma, a poet recounts the bloody epic of Achilles and Hector. Chocolate Moose renews this gem that earned them #1 Theatre Company in this year's Cult MTL poll!

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