Let's Do This! #05: Get 'er done!

Bloody Underrated & DeAnne Smith

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In the final instalment of Let's Do This!, who knows what will happen? DeAnne will be performing until she runs out of breath. Our other comics will be bringing their A-game to make this show the greatest of all. Good times will be had!

Featuring Jess Salomon, Daniel Carin, Flapjack Cadillac, and more!

As usual, DeAnne Smith will be headlining, and Al Lafrance will host.

5$, 9PM, MainLine Theatre, February 7th. LET'S DO THIS!


  • Thursday 7 February 2013 / 21:00

99 minutes
Pas de retardataires / No latecomers

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June 1-21, 2015

Le gros party d'été de théâtre, danse, humour et plus!
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1 au 21 juin, 2015

Lonely rock ‘n’ roller Hamhock Velvet works at a self storage facility, when one day a fellow hoarder Stella comes in to clear out her locker and chaos is unleashed. A whirlwind comedy meltdown from Wolfinger Productions (The Shadow Waltz) about holding on, letting go and learning the meaning of true love.

ELAN and QDF join forces! Start the night with some artistic networking at ELAN’s June Schmoozer. Then, QDF will set the stage for a sneak peek at some exciting summer shows!