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Comme vous, deux personnages viennent assister au spectacle, mais leur exubérance saura les porter sur scène. Leur quotidien démesuré est alors révélé et fait parfois étrangement écho au vôtre. Ça sonne… Ça sonne… Ils évolueront au travers de différents tableaux traitant de l’absurdité de la vie avec humour et sensibilité. Un échange unique entre 2 clowns volontaires, mais marginaux, et votre réalité. Ça sonne… Laissez-vous attraper par leur quotidien et leur imaginaire.

"Kombini" par Jean-Félix Bélanger et Rémi Jacques


Gisèle vous reçoit chez elle:
Présenté dans un format d’émission de télévision, Gisèle vous reçoit chez elle donne des conseils à la femme moderne. À travers le personnage attachant et très kitsch de Gisèle, le public revivra le paradoxe de la femme libérée des années 80 prise entre la célébration de gains sociaux et le désir de non-association au mouvement féministe souvent perçu comme un mouvement d’extrémistes qui brûlent leur soutien-gorge."

"Gisèle vous reçoit chez elle" par Évelyne Laniel et François Fortin, Jed Tomlinson (Metteur en Scène)


Founded in 2016, the mandate of The MTL Clown Fest is to create space for all levels of performers to showcase original works that fall under the Clown, Bouffon or Physical Theatre spectrum. Included in the mandate we welcome people of all genders, but are making an effort to increase representation of women-identified, gender-non-conforming and trans performers. With this in mind, we will make an effort to strive for equal and proportionate representation in our space. We are dedicated to cultivating a multi-cultural program, welcoming French, English and Nonsensical Clown Language, as well as a vast multitude of other cultural Tricksters.

Tickets can be purchase online or by telephone Tuesday through Saturday from 2pm-6pm.
Please note that same day sales are by telephone only.


  • Saturday 16 September 2017 / 20:00
  • Sunday 17 September 2017 / 17:30

60 minutes
Pour âges / For ages 16+
Retardataires / Latecomers : 60 minutes

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The clock is ticking: Morning Post editor Walter Burns pulls every trick in the book to stop his ex-wife and star reporter from leaving town forever to marry another man - and save an inmate headed for death row along the way.

This screwball comedy/drama started life as the stage play The Front Page before becoming a popular film starring Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant. Snowglobe Theatre's production is an original stage adaptation of both by director Peter Giser.

Using specific movement and improvisational exercises the body will become the genesis for character and story development. Throughout this workshop the rules of clown emerge giving participants a fundamental understanding of clown, and a deeper awareness of their own performance and creation skills.

After the death of their mother, siblings Max and Kate have not seen each other since. Now, Kate is about to get married and so Max decides to take a trip back down to hell, AKA his father's farm. To Max's surprise, Kate's fiancé, Michael has taken over the place and is tending to the cows with his brother Joshua. As a result, tensions will rise as the city boy faces his estranged family in ways that may divide them before the wedding. Fake smiles can't last long as the characters uncover each other's secrets.