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19 April 2016–
9 May 2016

Fringebuzz 2016 MEGA Online Auction/Vente aux enchères en ligne!

Le Festival St-Ambroise FRINGE de Montréal / The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival

Did you miss our live auction? It's ok! Now the online auction takes over. We have an amazing list of prizes. Online until May 9 at 5PM. Start your bidding now by going to eflea.ca! // Avez-vous manquer notre vente aux enchères? Ne vous en faites pas! Nous lançons dès maintenant la vente aux enchères en ligne! Nous avons une intéressante liste de prix. La vente sera ouverte jusqu'au 9 mai, 17h. Faites vos offres dès maintenant en allant au eflea.c

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28 April 2016–
1 May 2016

The Blood Harmonic

We Are One

"The Blood Harmonic" is a new play by emerging Canadian playwright Calla Wright, dealing with creativity, depression, and loss. Roxane, a dramatic, ego-centric , image-obsessed novelist, has just been found shot to death in her study. Her three daughters, Cora, Gail, and Rae, must decide which of them will continue their mother’s bestselling book series, “The Blood Harmonic” while simultaneously dealing with their own personal life crises.

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4 May 2016–
14 May 2016


Brave New Productions

Empty nesters Greg (Joseph Dineen) and Kate (Carolyn Fe) have moved back to Manhattan after twenty-two years in the suburbs. As Kate tells Greg: "The dog phase of my life is definitely over." But life has a way of giving you what you think you don't want. Greg finds Sylvia (Stephanie McKenna) , a street-smart lab/poodle mix, and brings her home. She promptly becomes a bone of contention between Greg and Kate, testing their marriage to hilarious and touching effect.

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6 May 2016

Lip-Schtick - comedic lip-sync battle May 2016

Robin Henderson Productions

Montreal's top comedians battle it out in an epic lip-sync smack-down. 8 comedians. 3 rounds. 1 winner. Also featuring guest artists between rounds. Producer & host: Robin Henderson (Dance Animal). Judge: Rodney Ramsey

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7 May 2016

Dr. Sketchy: Ziggy avec/with Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière

Dr. Sketchy Montreal

Dr. Sketchy Montreal invites you to its next figure drawing workshop: Ziggy. We will have the chance to draw the amazing Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière during this tribute to the one and only David Bowie! Dr. Sketchy Montréal vous invite à son prochain atelier de dessin de modèle vivant : Ziggy. Nous aurons le plaisir de dessiner la magnifique Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière lors de cet hommage au seul et unique David Bowie!

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7 May 2016

Confabulation Presents: Now we are Six

Confabulation Montreal

Wouldn’t it be magical if we could just live in The Hundred Acre Wood forever? Imagine spending your days rolling in the mud with a bear in a red polo, nibbling carrot sticks with a hoarding rabbit, or competing in a bouncing contest with a tiger that might be mechanical. But alas. Aging is inevitable, and we all have to turn six eventually.

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10 May 2016

Festival St-Ambroise FRINGE de Montréal - Dévoilement de programmation / Festival Program Launch Party!

Le Festival St-Ambroise FRINGE de Montréal / The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival

Venez à la Galerie MainLine Gallery
Come on down to the Galerie MainLine Gallery

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11 May 2016–
15 May 2016

Traces Vitales

Therese Weinberger + Leona Heillig

Don't miss Therese Weinberger and Leona Heillig's art exhibition happening at the MainLine Gallery, 3905 Boulevard St-Laurent

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15 May 2016

The Inventor Of All Things

big word performance

A Hungarian Jew stopped the Nazi Atomic Bomb?
The amazing, true story of forgotten genius Leo Szilard.
Peacemaker, physicist, refugee, celebrity, Martian, and more. And very funny.
Hated by Generals, first to think of the Atom Bomb, and too good to flush his own toilet.

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18 May 2016–
29 May 2016

Mieux Vaut Mourir Heureux

La Compagnie Du Grand Nord

Victorien (Olivier L'Heureux) est un chanteur qui se révèle au grand public. Une nouvelle dynamique va alors donner des couleurs a une vie qui était morose jusque la. Entre un agent profiteur (Jean-Bernard Côté), une fan délurée (Dominique Mercure-Cyr) et une femme mystérieuse (Lucie Gagnon), la vie de Victorien va prendre une toute autre tournure avant que l'ironie de la vie ne rattrape Victorien. Son père (Christophe Le Jeune) sera alors le garant du choix que notre jeune chanteur va devoir faire.

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23 May 2016

Love and Loathing: gritty truth about mothers

Allie Weigh Productions

With her own original compositions, violin, voice and intimate monologues Allie Weigh delves into the reality of mothering and its contradictions in this time when women have more choice, more expectations and shifting desires. Allie Weigh leaves her kitchen sink and psychotherapist chair to share searing, touching and humorous truths about the secret live and struggles of mothers with her audience.

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