ACME Burlesque

Shayne Gryn

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The splendiferous ACME Burlesque returns to its first home, Mainline Theatre, to celebrate two years of tassels, titillation, and hot jazz. 18+

En Vedette / Starring:
Cherry Typhoon
Genie Emerald
Lady Hoops
Lady Josephine
Punani Difranco
Shy Shy Schullie
Sucre à la Crème

Musique / Music:
Sophie Protopoulos
Shayne Gryn & The Acme Combo

Jimmy Phule
Seska Lee

Régisseur/Stage Manager: Chana Ellman
Son/Sound: Caspian Kilkelly
Lumières/Lights: Cara De Grandpré
Directeur musical/Musical Director: Alex Gutjahr
Producteur/Producer: Shayne Gryn

In partnership with Bouge d'ici.


  • Jeudi 20 Février 2014 / 21:00

Pour âges / For ages 18+
Pas de retardataires / No latecomers

Coming Soon

Special FunRaising Event, Saturday night, October 11th 22:30-02:30am. Come OUT to the HARVEST #7 Hootenanny-HoeDown and celebrate along with all of the participants this season's special event. Dress up by dawning your dapper straw hats and favourite dungarees. Airzeedotes & Dozydotes, swing your partners round & round! Yes, there will be square dancing. Entrance of 10$ includes a beer at MainLine The Trough. !Hey-Haw!

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