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13 November 2014–
23 November 2014

We Walk Among You

Artichoke Heart Collective & Beyond the Mountain

This dark tale follows a doctor who will stop at nothing to revive his son. He is performing questionable experiments in an abandoned hospital where the only real "patient" is his wife. Unable to deal with the death of her son and, being a threat to herself and others, the doctor keeps her locked in a cell.

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10 January 2015


Confabulation Montreal

Montreal — a city of stories. Unique people, places and events create a city that is rich in personal and political histories. Confabulation is a monthly showcase, dedicated to giving these stories a home, or at least a stage on which to play.

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26 September 2014

So You Think That Was Dance?

Karen Fennell

A hot new platform for performance experimentation hosted by contemporary dance artist Karen Fennell. Emerging and established performance-makers are invited to share their freshest and most burning ideas in works of 10 minutes or less. Stick around afterwards for drinks and informal discussion –- Did YOU think THAT was DANCE ...?!

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3 October 2014

5à7 Bouge d'ici

Bouge d'ici

A casual hangout for dancers and choreographers. Let's just get together. Organized by the Bouge d'ici Dance Festival.

Un 5à7 pour chorégraphes et interprètes.
Pourquoi pas ? Organisé par le Festival Bouge d'ici.

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2 October 2014

The Quitter - One-Night-Only Fundraiser for SOLOS!

Bloody Underrated

"After a wildly successful tour across the Canadian Fringe circuit, SOLOS co-directors Sophie Croteau & Al Lafrance are gearing up for the 2nd edition of the festival, which will take place November 4th-8th at MainLine Theatre, and will feature 7 amazing performances. TO celebrate their return to the city, and to raise some funds for SOLOS 2.0, they're putting on a show. Which show? Al Lafrance's The Quitter.

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7 October 2014–
12 October 2014

Harvest #7

Curated by Davyn Ryall, in collaboration with MainLine Theatre

HARVEST #7 - A celebration of the contribution of LGBT culture to the performing arts... October 7 to 12, 2014. (7th edition since 2004) @ MainLine Theatre, 3997 Blvd. St-Laurent, Montreal. Qc.

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12 October 2014

Lecture Public: Entre-Nous

Harvest #7

La lecture de la scène de la traduction et l'adaptation 'Entre-Nous' de la pièce Terrance McNally: «Some Men". La pièce recevra sa première lecture publique avec un ensemble de neuf acteurs qui comprend: le dramaturge de l'adaptation et traduction M. Steve Méthot et le directeur artistique de Productions Village Scène Davyn Ryall, Cédric Cilia, Hugo Charland, Steve Turmel, Denis Turgeon, Michael Broderick, Philippe Laurin, et Bryan Libero. Dons (montant suggéré de 10$) acceptés à la porte seulement.

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11 September 2014–
20 September 2014

The Clawfoot and Hot Tub Interviews

Leah Sherman Productions

Something strange is happening in the calm suburb of Pleasant Acres. Olivia, a bit of a recluse, is trying to sell her clawfoot bathtub, but only men are making offers -- and not for buying the bathtub.

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18 September 2014–
28 September 2014

Bard Fiction

Beyond the Mountain

Beyond the Mountain brings this Shakespearean retelling of Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic Pulp Fiction to the Mainline Theatre. With LIVE music and sound effects Bard Fiction brings you a truly unique and fun theatrical experience.

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1 October 2014

Sherwin's Cat Video Screening Get-Together

Chat Perdu Productions

Carefully curated from the literally millions of cat videos in the world, notorious cat-lover and author of "You Are a Cat!", the Choose-Your Own Adventure style book from the POV of a cat, Sherwin S. Tjia screens dozens of his favorites, unafraid to feature vids that delve into the dark heart of a cat, as well showcase their floofier, sillier sides. Simultaneously predators and puffballs, this screening hopes to bring cat lovers together in a collective kittenpile to ooh, ahh and purr.

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4 October 2014


20th Century Knife Fight

Host Walter J. Lyng and musical director/side kick Leighland Beckman take their hit late night talk show Night Fight and give it the weekend brunch treatment! Featuring great guests, musical performances, madcap comedy, the world-famous Top 38 list, a stupid knife trick and, of course, a complimentary lunch!!!

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4 October 2014

Black Dahlia avec/with Coré Dorofté

Dr. Sketchy Montreal

"Séance #87 - Black Dahlia

Dr. Sketchy Montréal vous invite à son prochain événement : Black Dahlia. Venez dessiner la superbe Coré Dorofté lors de cette séance inspirée de la vie et et de la mort tragique d'Elizabeth Short, le Dahlia noir.

La séance aura lieu le samedi, 4 octobre, de 14:00h à 17:00h au Théâtre MainLine, 3997, boul. St-Laurent. L’entrée sera de 10 $ et n’oubliez pas votre cahier à dessin.

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