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20 February 2016–
21 February 2016

Production 101: The Fringe Model With Amy Blackmore, Geoff Agombar and Festival Contributers

MainLine Theatre / The Quebec Drama Federation

This workshop is presented by MainLine Theatre and is aimed at emerging artists preparing for their productions in the Festival St-Ambroise Fringe Montréal / St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and at indie producers in Montreal. This series of four three-hour workshops focuses on marketing, promotion and communications, technical preparation, Stage Management, Do’s and Don’ts for mounting shows for short runs and tours and making your show sell. While focused on FRINGE, the model is highly adaptable to any independent production.

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11 February 2016–
14 February 2016

Le Gala MainLine pour le Théâtre étudiant présente / The MainLine Gala for Student Drama presents TURBULENCE

MainLine Theatre & 32-Hour Theatre Company

MainLine Theatre and 32-Hour Theatre Company join forces to present the 6th annual MainLine Gala for Student Drama. This showcase gives aspiring student playwrights, directors and actors a professional setting to produce their work within. Our goal is to offer gala platform participants support through mentorship, resource sharing and production consulting. This year, we present four short plays centered around the theme of TURBULENCE.

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20 February 2016

Betty's Summer Vacation

Floor 13 Productions

In an attempt to escape city life, Betty decides to take her friend Trudy's advice and spend the summer with her at a shared cottage by the beach
with three new roommates. Little does she know that the strangers she has agreed to live with turn out to be very strange indeed...

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25 February 2016–
26 February 2016

Soirée double: Filer et Mange Racine

Entre âmes, Les Avalées

Avec cette création Filer, la compagnie Entr’Âmes explore la relation entre le corps féminin et la société. Filer est le travail de transformation de la matière textile en fil. Dans la pièce, l’idée du filage est utilisée comme analogie de la construction de la femme en société. La pièce est une recherche identitaire de deux femmes qui sont habitées par l’image de la mère, l’amie, la fille, la blonde, la grand-mère.

Mange Racine est une pièce qui invite le public à traverser des univers contrastés où s'allient la danse contemporaine, la performance et la musique faite en direct. Mange Racine présente deux femmes qui entament un dialogue sur la vie. Elles traversent ensemble les terrains rocailleux de la psyché, remplis d'émotions et d'histoires. Sérieuses, disjonctées ou moqueuses, elles évoquent tout au long de la pièce le cycle de blessure et de guérison.

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27 February 2016

Confabulation Presents: The Shortest Story

Confabulation Montreal

It’s that time of year again! Confabulation is ready to kick it in to high gear for one wild and frenetic evening of two-minute tales. Our mission: jam a whole slew of these little pip-squeaks into one night!

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3 March 2016–
6 March 2016

The Breakfast Club

d² productions montréal

Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are.

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18 March 2016–
20 March 2016

Surprise! Surprise! de Michel Tremblay

Les Productions Damalisque

Les Productions Damalisque sont fières d’annoncer la présentation de la pièce Surprise Surprise de Michel Tremblay, une première mise en scène du jeune réalisateur Charles-Antoine Cloutier.

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28 April 2016–
1 May 2016

The Blood Harmonic

We Are One

"The Blood Harmonic" is a new play by emerging Canadian playwright Calla Wright, dealing with creativity, depression, and loss. Roxane, a dramatic, ego-centric , image-obsessed novelist, has just been found shot to death in her study. Her three daughters, Cora, Gail, and Rae, must decide which of them will continue their mother’s bestselling book series, “The Blood Harmonic” while simultaneously dealing with their own personal life crises.

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